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  3. Wednesday, January 11 2017, 04:29 PM
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JUX Portfolio is an exceptional joomla module to present your Gallery or Portfolio. It surpasses the traditional content displaying – instead of displaying items in defined frame design, JUX Portfolio will display thumbnail on grid or classical layout with different image sizes.

Joomla portfolio extension can be displayed in 3 styles layout which are: grid, classical, and text layout.

- With grid layout, your images do not required to be same-size. You can freely express your creativity to arrange your thumbnails on this layout.

- Classical style is a type of tradition layout that will display your image in  the same size frame and your pictures will automatically adjust to fit the frame.

- Text layout allow you to add title and a short description below your images. Grid and classical style are both included in text layout. Therefore, you can choose any style you like to display included description.

Depending on your website layout and your need, you can choose from 2 to 6 columns to display your portfolio.


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Hi, enjoy!

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Modeo - 19:25

Zna, в том смысле, что дураков на деньги разводят! Одни это бесплатно отдают, как и положено по лицензии GNU, а другие на чужом труде деньги собирают.

Anonymous - 16:37

Вирусов не было. Их сайт постоянно, то открывается, то закрывается.

Zna - 12:27

Modeo, в каком смысле лохотронщики? И там вправду вирусы были в расширениях?

Modeo - 11:52

Я месяц назад говорил, что они лохотронщики. Но админ здешнего сайта заступился, сказал, что это его друзья. Херовые друзья то!

Font - 00:07

CMSTOCK Закрыли потому, что стали слишком много бабла просить, кто то небось нажаловался на них lol

Eblan - 13:53

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Eblan - 13:53

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Eblan - 13:53

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Eblan - 13:06

Dolboebs, where the extensions???

Eblan - 12:56

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Anonymous - 12:04

CMSTOCK бесследно исчез, испарился.

Anonymous - 09:57

Where is your friend CMSTOCK?????

redhouse - 09:19

Where is your friend CMSTOCK?????

Anonymous - 04:46

I need Socialize V2.1.2 Template please

Eblan - 18:32

Where the extension, sranye ubludki???

NIX - 15:45

what happened with

rangelteste - 15:35

Hi, i seek for YJ Filter for K2 v.1.0.9 or Select Dynamic Cascade for SEBLOD. Thanks ;)

javad - 05:52

I seek for Google Structured Data Markap if anyone has it plz share, thanks

Daniel - 15:15

I seek RSDirectory!

Anonymous - 16:01

If you neend any product first you can check using forum search engiene

Monica Brown - 15:37

Good day everyone

mark - 14:14

Priscilla done

Priscilla - 18:55

easyblog to joomla 3.5 plssssss

Eblan - 17:06

Where? Where? Where the New extensions ubludki???

Eblan - 12:08

У меня обострение, не обращайте внимания. Сейчас сосну хуйка и успокоюсь.

Eblan - 06:56

Where the extensions? Pidory i ubludki

Best - 09:45

кто с логином Eblan ты конченый ващееее, че те тут надо у тя даже логин такой чмошнико блять

Join its my friend site download all real products

dabliop - 22:08

Thanks for all extensions!!!!

JoJo - 18:51

Conditional ContentConditional Content pro anyone? :(

Eblan - 15:09

Site is die. Extensions not not not. Dolboeby.

stuart - 04:05

AcyMailing enterprise 5.6.1 error virus detected :O

Anonymous - 15:04

Thanks for Regular Labs - Modals 8.2.2PRO

dave - 19:45

Inspiretheme 365 joomla template ?anyone?

Anonymous - 00:07

Google Structured Data Markup??

Axel - 18:33

ESET NOD32 AntiVirus 10.0.386.0 With License Key (x86+x64) LatestSource:

thank you so much mark bro helping for us

edward - 04:30

anyone with JGive v1.9.4

Carnage - 12:04

Jomsocial 4.3.0 please or iJoomla installer!

black - 06:54

I need last version of rsseo please share.

djo - 15:20

Please Modules anywhere PRO 6.0

Daniel - 04:03

Need RSDirectory! 1.7.16 (+RSLibro! 1.0.11 Template) PLZ!!!

Anonymous - 21:52

JCE Pro 2.6.1

Me - 15:37

Please Update Jomsocial 4.3 RC1

Anonymous - 14:59

Google Structured Data Markup??

Anonymous - 09:06

Please jomsocial 4.3 RC1

Smithy - 03:52

Has anyone tried the JAmp joomla plugin?

teena - 08:29

hello..all..please help have extension joomla, how can check location at user registered? please help thank you ;)

Anonymous - 06:28

I need Crmery 2.0.11, please! By WhatAreYouTalking

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