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Popup Boxes that will boost your conversion rates and help you convert visitors into subscribers & customers. Create Opt-in Forms, Smart Sticky Bars, Floating Bars, Feature Sign Up Modals, Popup any existing module or write your own custom message. Popups can be assigned to certain devices, user groups, menu items or even URLs. Trigger onPageLeave (Exit Intent Technology), onPageLoad, onUserScroll, onClick and onDemand using javascript API. Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3


Features at a glance!

  • Multiple Popup Boxes
  • Responsive Popup Box (Compatible with Mobiles & Tablets)
  • 60+ transition animation popup effects
  • Popup any existing Joomla module
  • Device detection for Mobiles & Tablets
  • Assign to selected user groups, pages, URLs or even languages
  • Exit Intent Popups (Trigger Popup before Page Exit or User Leaves)
  • Trigger onPageReady, onPageLoad, onPageLeave, onUserScroll, onClick, onHover, onDemand
  • 9 available trigger positions
  • Modal option
  • Cookie based popup per minutes, hours, days or session
  • Auto-Close Timer
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Developer's Javascript API

Some Popup Ideas!

  • Opt-in Popups for AcyMailing, MailChimp, Aweber, SalesForce, GetResponse
  • Popup Any Module of Breezing Forms, RSForm!, EasyBlog, JEvents, Phoca Gallery, ChronoForms
  • Popup Facebook Like Page, Facebook Embed Post
  • Popup Twitter Follow Button
  • Popup Google Maps
  • Popup Login Form
  • Popup Twitter Widget Stream or Profile Follower
  • Popup K2 latest or related articles
  • Age Verification Modal Popup
  • Popup Joomla latest or relates articles
  • Popup Youtube or Vimeo Video
  • Popup Addthis Social Media Icons
  • Content Sidebar Modal
  • Slide-in Opt-in Modal Forms
  • Fullscreen Popup / Splash Screen Popup
  • Footer Sticky Bar
  • Disclaimer Popup Modal
  • Scroll To Top Button / Icon
  • Cookie Bar
  • Sticky Opt-in Top Bar

Convert Visitors into Subscribers & Customers

Did you know over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return? With Responsive Scroll Triggered Box you can turn those visitors into subscribers & customers with well timed popups.

Exit Intent Technology - (Page Exit / Page Leave)

We detect user behavior and prompt them with a targeted opt-in popup at the precise moment they are about to leave your website.

60+ Animations (Slide/Fade/Flip/Bounce/Expand)

This popup extension offers the popular slide-in effect that slides up from the bottom right corner among other high-quality popup transition effects such as Bounce, Share, Flush, Pulse, Swing, Tada, Flip e.t.c.

Page & Device Level Targeting

Show targeted popups on specific pages/urls or mobiles and tables or even to certain user groups to build a hyper targeted and segmented email list.

All powerful features

  • Create multiple popups per page
  • 7 Popup Types
    • Popup any existing Joomla module
    • Responsive Email Subscription Opt-in Form
    • Custom text
    • Social Media
      • Facebook Page Like
      • Facebook Post Embed
      • Twitter Follow Button
    • IFrame URL
  • It's Responsive! That means it works perfectly on tablets and smartphones
  • Device detection for mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Cookie based popup per minutes, hours, days or session
  • 60+ transition effects
  • 14 Publishing Assignments
    • Assign to Menu Items / Pages
    • Assign to Content Articles and Categories
    • Assign to DateTime range
    • Assign to User Groups
    • Assign to devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
    • Assign to URLs
    • Assign to Domain referrer
    • Assign to Languages
    • Assign to User time on Site
    • Assign to Convert Forms
    • Assign to Akeeba Subscriptions Levels
    • Assign to AcyMailing List
  • 9 user behavior tracking events
    • on Scroll - % of Page Height
    • on Scroll - Element
    • on Page Ready
    • on Page Load
    • on Page Leave (Exit Intent Technology)
    • on Hover Element
    • on Location Hash
    • on Click
    • on Demand
  • 7 Popup Positions
    • Top: Left, Center, Right
    • Bottom: Left, Center, Right
    • Center
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Delay animation in milliseconds
  • Fully Customizable Look
    • Width/Height
    • Background & Text Color
    • Border Color
    • Padding
    • Box Shadow
    • Background Overlay Color/Opacity
  • Auto-Close timer
  • Popup Test-mode for administrators
  • Prepare popup's content with the Joomla Content Plugins
  • Import/Export Popups
  • Custom CSS Styling
  • Plugin Layout Overrides
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.4, 4.5
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 till v2.2.1

Coming Soon features

  • Close button customization
  • Popup positions: Center Left, Center Right
  • Email Marketing Services Providers Integration
  • AJAX Subscription Form box Popup type (Opt-in)
  • Repeating assignment on certain days
  • Max impressions
  • Advanced Visitor Tracking
  • Pre-defined Variables
  • A/B Split Tests

Version History

3.1.2 (5 Jan 2017)
- Adds Convert Forms assignment
- Adds Joomla! Articles & Categories assignment
- Adds Checkbox field to Email Subscription Form
- Improves device detection
- Fixes bug with content plugins preparation

3.1.1 (11 Nov 2016)
- Fixes critical issue with box close button

3.1 (08 Nov 2016)
- Implements Engage Box editor button
- Fixes issue with the background-image URL
- Fixes issue with the Test Mode option - Wrong permissions check
- Upgrades Menu Items publishing assignment
- Upgrades Group Levels publishing assignment
- Updates animation library (VelocityJS)
- Renames extension media files to enagebox.js and engagebox.css

3.0.3 (22 Oct 2016)
- Adds a 'Remove Cookie' button in the backend
- Fixes issue with slow rendering of boxes on some systems
- Fixes issue with third-party assignments check
- Backend UI improvements

3.0.2 (08 Oct 2016)
- Fixes critical bug with random_bytes() method (Affecting Joomla version < 3.5)
- Replaces deprecated Joomla Framework methods
- Backend UI changes

3.0.1 (28 Sep 2016)
- Implements Limit Impressions feature
- Implements Statistics
- Adds versioning to all media files to force browser cache refresh
- Fixes CSS issue on Google Chrome with the will-change property
- Fixes PHP bug with the missing Filesystem library
- Fixes fatal error caused by the component uninstallation
- Fixes bug with the Google Analytics Tracker
- Backend UX improvements

3.0.0 (06 Sep 2016)
- Renames extension to Engage Box
- Adds Persian (Iran) translation
- Adds Global Footer Text field to the configuration page
- Updates translations (nlNL, huHU, deDE, itIT, frFR, ruRU, el_GR)
- Changes minimum upgrade version to v2.5
- Fixes issue with tabs on the backend

2.7.2 (29 Jul 2016)
- Adds more options to content alignment: Top, Middle, Bottom, Left, Center, Right
- Adds option to disable the jQuery library on the frontend
- Updates color pickers to use RGB(a) format
- Merges Background Overlay and Background Overlay Opacity fields
- Renames Vertical Align Content field to Align Content
- Updates translations: Dutch (nl-NL), Hungardian (hu-HU)
- Minor backend improvements



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Modeo - 19:25

Zna, в том смысле, что дураков на деньги разводят! Одни это бесплатно отдают, как и положено по лицензии GNU, а другие на чужом труде деньги собирают.

Anonymous - 16:37

Вирусов не было. Их сайт постоянно, то открывается, то закрывается.

Zna - 12:27

Modeo, в каком смысле лохотронщики? И там вправду вирусы были в расширениях?

Modeo - 11:52

Я месяц назад говорил, что они лохотронщики. Но админ здешнего сайта заступился, сказал, что это его друзья. Херовые друзья то!

Font - 00:07

CMSTOCK Закрыли потому, что стали слишком много бабла просить, кто то небось нажаловался на них lol

Eblan - 13:53

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Eblan - 13:53

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Eblan - 13:53

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Eblan - 13:06

Dolboebs, where the extensions???

Eblan - 12:56

CMSTOCK is closed because are many VIRUSES in extensions

Anonymous - 12:04

CMSTOCK бесследно исчез, испарился.

Anonymous - 09:57

Where is your friend CMSTOCK?????

redhouse - 09:19

Where is your friend CMSTOCK?????

Anonymous - 04:46

I need Socialize V2.1.2 Template please

Eblan - 18:32

Where the extension, sranye ubludki???

NIX - 15:45

what happened with

rangelteste - 15:35

Hi, i seek for YJ Filter for K2 v.1.0.9 or Select Dynamic Cascade for SEBLOD. Thanks ;)

javad - 05:52

I seek for Google Structured Data Markap if anyone has it plz share, thanks

Daniel - 15:15

I seek RSDirectory!

Anonymous - 16:01

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Monica Brown - 15:37

Good day everyone

mark - 14:14

Priscilla done

Priscilla - 18:55

easyblog to joomla 3.5 plssssss

Eblan - 17:06

Where? Where? Where the New extensions ubludki???

Eblan - 12:08

У меня обострение, не обращайте внимания. Сейчас сосну хуйка и успокоюсь.

Eblan - 06:56

Where the extensions? Pidory i ubludki

Best - 09:45

кто с логином Eblan ты конченый ващееее, че те тут надо у тя даже логин такой чмошнико блять

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dabliop - 22:08

Thanks for all extensions!!!!

JoJo - 18:51

Conditional ContentConditional Content pro anyone? :(

Eblan - 15:09

Site is die. Extensions not not not. Dolboeby.

stuart - 04:05

AcyMailing enterprise 5.6.1 error virus detected :O

Anonymous - 15:04

Thanks for Regular Labs - Modals 8.2.2PRO

dave - 19:45

Inspiretheme 365 joomla template ?anyone?

Anonymous - 00:07

Google Structured Data Markup??

Axel - 18:33

ESET NOD32 AntiVirus 10.0.386.0 With License Key (x86+x64) LatestSource:

thank you so much mark bro helping for us

edward - 04:30

anyone with JGive v1.9.4

Carnage - 12:04

Jomsocial 4.3.0 please or iJoomla installer!

black - 06:54

I need last version of rsseo please share.

djo - 15:20

Please Modules anywhere PRO 6.0

Daniel - 04:03

Need RSDirectory! 1.7.16 (+RSLibro! 1.0.11 Template) PLZ!!!

Anonymous - 21:52

JCE Pro 2.6.1

Me - 15:37

Please Update Jomsocial 4.3 RC1

Anonymous - 14:59

Google Structured Data Markup??

Anonymous - 09:06

Please jomsocial 4.3 RC1

Smithy - 03:52

Has anyone tried the JAmp joomla plugin?

teena - 08:29

hello..all..please help have extension joomla, how can check location at user registered? please help thank you ;)

Anonymous - 06:28

I need Crmery 2.0.11, please! By WhatAreYouTalking

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