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You will be able to set the amount of columns per each menu item. You can also put the modules inside the menu item.
Practically you can add anything to the menu, these can be custom html or any module you’ll find in your Joomla.
The menu module gives you many options to configure. For DJ Mega Menu you'll also find many handy features.

DJ Mega Menu is an advanced, accessible menu system for Joomla! 3 that allows you to set each menu item as you need it.

You can **easily manage **and add different things to your menu, set the number of menu columns, decide which modules use in your menu,
choose icons and effects to items of your menu.

DJ Mega Menu is easy to customize!

You can add your logo to sticky menu and place it in center, right or left.
Use Color Customizer to build your own color scheme.
You will also be able to create unlimited variations of the menu for every module instance.

**Choose your menu effects **(30 are possible) for entrance and exit. Selecting the speed and delay time of closing the menu is also possible!

Another great feature - DJ Mega Menu lets you use CSS3 animations.

Mobile menu customization

With DJ Mega Menu mobile options you can choose one of two predefined menu mobile themes (dark or light)
and use color customizer and decide how mobile menu should be displayed (off canvas, select list, accordion) and what logo should it have.

Bootstrap or Font Awesome icons are fully supported in DJ Mega Menu.

You can also use menu notes as subtitles and manage them similar to icons.

Our menu is fully accessible by keys on your keyboard (follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ).

You can enable or disable menu support for keyboard navigation with arrow keys.

Thanks to a special menu plugin you can edit every menu item right from regular menu edit item view deciding if it’ll be displayed in both desktop and mobile versions, add subtitle, start new column, choose background image, add modules.
Every menu item can also get dedicated access key.

Another features

  • multiple menu columns layout
  • set default/each menu column width
  • publish modules inside your menu
  • create your own menu themes
  • display select menu for mobiles! (responsiveness)
  • sticky menu option (fixed menu position with offset setting)
  • you can use Note feature from Joomla as a menu item subtitle
  • set up animation effects for your menu
  • sub menu items as tree or as multilevel drop-down

Demo =



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Rana, thanks! You is best! You have RAXO All Mode Pro 1.6?

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