About Us

Chopall is not like the other websites that you've seen in your life rather it is different. Chopall connects you with your friends, family, colleagues and everyone you may know. In other words, it's like a social networking site, but it has something special that makes it unique, creative and distinctive. Chopall keeps updating you in every field – technology news, breaking news, mobile reviews, and health.


We're a crack team of mobile lovers, web designers, and article writers. We work day in and day out to keep our audience engaging in everything, all in one place. We know that a thousand websites exist – on the internet – that do the same as we do, but we're proud to say we bring everything at one place so that you should not need to visit other websites to see the results as you can see here. You will be able to watch live football matches, cricket matches, live seminar, breaking news, and the best of it is social media you will be able to chat with your friends.


Do you think, you will find such a website? A big no! What are you waiting for? Keep Visiting Chopall!